watercolor flowers, watercolor paintings by Ink Imaginarium

Hi! I’m Laura.

Welcome to Ink Imaginarium, a project that was born because of the need for creating and sharing with the world my artistic journey.
In this space, you can find not only artworks and paintings but also the ideas that brought them to life, videos with the processes and hopefully, inspiration and joy.
I am glad you found your way here, and I hope that you enjoy it!

watercolor paintings nude art by Ink Imaginarium

Great work! The print and the paper has an incredible quality and it’s packed up with much love. :)) Looking forward to decorate my home with it! I love your art. thank you so <3


Super nice and friendly contact. I bought the pictures for my mother and she loved them!! The small handwritten card was lovely.


When the mail arrived it was like getting a gift from a beloved friend: It was beautifully packed with a hand written note by the artist. So special. Geat piece of art. I definitely do recommend buying at INKimaginarium.


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